An Environment Where Students Can Flourish Inside the Classroom and Beyond

At the core, we strive to thoughtfully instill in our students a deep desire for personal improvement – academically, spiritually, and through a life of service.

Foothill Preparatory School is a safe space for new ideas, intellectual discovery, and engagement; these pursuits allow our students to thrive inside the classroom and beyond. Our challenging middle school program is supported by our welcoming and inclusive culture founded in Christian beliefs.

We seek to unite our students under a common mission, community involvement, and mutual respect. Central to the character of the Foothill Prep community are integrity, respect, and compassion which are evident in our students’ behavior.

We encourage students to:

  • Live honestly in and out of the classroom, nurturing a community of trust.
  • Act with courage by standing up for what is right and treat others with respect.
  • Take responsibility for their commitments and actions.
  • Develop an understanding and sympathy for the needs of others.
  • Support their peers, working together in harmony.

Our faculty strives to create one-on-one relationships with students, ensuring they are seen and given the tools to find their voice and confidence at a crucial time in their development.

We provide students with the opportunity to serve their community, love their neighbors, and expand their knowledge all through an academic setting that critically challenges students to be better citizens. Every student can flourish with 1:1 personalized support at Foothill Preparatory School.

Middle School Academics

Grade Levels

FPS’ middle school program is open to all students who are entering grade 6, 7, or 8.

Challenging Curriculum

The middle school curriculum aligns with either California state standards or common core standards for grades 6-8. Students also have the opportunity to take high school level math courses and earn high school credit beginning in 7th grade (Algebra 1 followed by Geometry). Other high school courses can be made available to middle school students who are ready for a more challenging curriculum.

Class Sizes

FPS purposefully seeks to keep the teacher to student ratio in the classroom at a level which allows more personalized instruction and attention given to each student.

ELD (English Language Development) Instruction

For students who need extra assistance in developing their English language skills, FPS offers middle school level ELD English, science, and history courses.

Guaranteed High School Admission

FPS students successfully completing 8th grade and passing their required courses are automatically guaranteed enrollment in FPS’ high school program. Students also receive a 10% discount off the standard FPS high school tuition rate per year when enrolling in FPS’ high school program following completion of 8th grade at FPS.

Class Size

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