Graduation Requirements

The following are course requirements for students graduating at Foothill Preparatory School. Please discuss courses taken with a school advisor to ensure your progress and graduation schedule. Note that 1 year equals 10 credits; 1 semester equals 5 credits.

Course Years Credits
English 4 years 40 Credits
Mathematics 3 years (minimum of Algebra II; 4 years of math are recommended) 30 Credits
Social Sciences 3 years 1 US History, 1 World History, 1 semester of American Government, 1 semester of Economics) 30 Credits
Science 3 years (1 Life Science, 1 Physical Science, 1 General Science) 30 Credits
Foreign Language 1 year (2 years if starting in the 9th grade) 10 or 20 credits
Visual or Performing Arts 1 year 10 Credits
Physical Education 1 year 10 Credits
Electives 3.5 years (in addition to Bible credits) 55 credits
Bible Students are required to take and pass 1 Bible class per year. Credits earned in Bible count toward the elective graduation requirement.
TOTAL 225 Credits

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