Tuition Information

The following are the fees and tuition for students attending Foothill Preparatory School for one school year. These fees DO NOT include: registration and testing fees for AP, SAT, ACT, TOEFL, or any other optional testing, additional reading materials, and uniforms.

9-12th Grade Domestic Students

Application Fee $75
Tuition $17,900
Senior Fee (only applies to 12th graders) $500.00

9-12th Grade International Students

Application Fee $75
Tuition (includes all international student fees with the exception of host family costs) $24,500
Music Program Fee (if admitted to the program $9,500
Senior Fee (only applies to 12th graders) $500.00

6-8th Grade Domestic Students

Application Fee $75
Tuition $10,500

For all students, the application fee is due upon receipt of the application.

For international on campus students only, one full year of tuition is due after the student has passed an interview and prior to the school sending the student their I-20 form. The I-20 form is needed for their interview at the U.S. Consulate’s office to get their student VISA. Please contact the school to discuss payment methods or if you have other tuition related questions.

Payment plans are available for domestic students if unable to pay a full year tuition prior to enrollment. Please contact the school for more information.

tuition information

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