Empowering Students to Grow, Achieve, and Lead a Life of Purpose

Foothill Preparatory School is devoted to developing students who are prepared for a life of meaning, purpose, and leadership. We do this by engaging critical thinking rooted in community, leading to wisdom. Our students are encouraged to develop an intentional dialogue that explores their faith, truth, character, and a life of service.

At the core, our goal is to help students discover and develop their intellectual capacities in an environment where excellence is expected and a spirit of inquiry is encouraged to foster a lifelong love for knowledge.

Foothill faculty members teach with passion and wisdom from post-graduate studies and 10+ years of experience. As devoted mentors, we are focused on your child’s needs and dedicated to their success beyond the classroom.

Throughout our school’s history, Foothill’s college preparatory program has successfully prepared students for entrance into the most prestigious colleges and universities throughout the country.


Lily Liu
Director of Business & Student Services

Richard Swanson   M.Ed

Steven Gee   Ph.D.


Kristian Kidd,   B.A. and M.A. (pending)
ELD, English, History, PE

Sandra Arevalo-Ramdwar,  M.Ed
ELD, English, Foreign Languages

Alex Liao,  Seminary

William Lai,  Ph.D

Steven Gee,   Ph.D

Our rigorous educational experience inspires students to:

  • Cultivate healthy habits for a productive lifestyle and positive social contribution through community service.
  • Develop skills for thoughtful expression and effective communication.
  • Strengthen critical thinking and broad-based knowledge in various academic disciplines.
  • Learn how a Christian worldview can positively impact daily life and the community.

Foothill Preparatory School encourages each student to develop an informed view of their personal faith while learning from a Christian worldview. With different faiths represented in our school community, we enjoy a diverse culture where students are empowered to thrive and become the best versions of themselves.

Our Students

Our History and Growing Legacy

Foothill Preparatory School was first founded in 1995 in Arcadia, a suburb of Los Angeles, as a private Christian school focusing on a college preparatory program. The school relocated to Temple City and has been serving the local community since 2018.

In 2020, due to growth of the student body and demand from the community, Foothill Preparatory School added a middle school program (grades 6-8) to help students with their path to academic excellence at a young age.

In-person and remote learning options are available to ensure a safe return for our students this fall. Contact us to learn more about our comprehensive plan for re-opening and virtual learning capabilities. We believe no student’s education or quest for excellence should be put on hold.

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