Tanni Wang

Originally from Hong Kong, she moved to Montreal, Canada at the age of 13. Tanni was selected as a top 10 pianist in the 2015 CBC Piano Hero and Top Music teacher by Steinway & Sons. She has received first prize of the 2016 Golden Classical Musical Awards, grand prize of the Festival-Concours de Musique De Lanaudière for both solo and concerto category, first prize of Crescendo International Competition, Montreal Classical music festival and many others.

Tanni has been invited to perform widely, including at New York's Carnegie Hall, Salle-Brunelle (Canada ), Williams Hall (Boston), Shanghai Oriental Arts Center to name a few. She has performed with the Orford orchestra, Launadiere Orchestra and performed Mendelssohn concerto no.1 with Maestro conductor Yohei Sato for the Boston Muse Festival. She has been working extensively with singers and other instrumentalists. In 2021, she performed with the world renowned oboist Liang Wang from New York Philharmonic Orchestra. She performed with opera singer Yunton Han for a 2020 live charity concert.

In other music genres, she worked extensively with jazz clarinetist Ye Huang, and performed a jazz-classical fusion work “demic suit”.  Tanni has received critical acclaim from international concert pianists and instructors including Yohev Kaplinsky, the renowned Wheilerstein family, Sara Davis, Dang Thai Son, and Benjamin Pasternack. She is a graduate from the top renowned New England Conservatory under Professor Gabriel Chodos and Professor Stephan Drury with a ean scholarship. Tanni has also been the member of the Asian Association Organization, creating a performance platform, promoting closer communication for student communities globally and advocating awareness and support for musicians.

In addition to her devoted music life, Tanni has studied international business at Tufts University. Even at a younger age, Tanni devotes herself to education and philanthropic endeavors. She founded Tanni Music Talk, which is an interview series for top notch music masters dedicated to musicians around the world. Invited professors include Professor Meng-Chieh Liu, professor Alessio Bass, and professor Victor Rosenbaum. She has been giving and assisting in master classes and lectures with renowned piano brand Fazioli, cultivated many talented students, Chalsea and Grace Zhang, (7years old and 10 years old) who have won silver medal in the Trinity International Competition. She has also performed for three years in benefit and fund-raising concerts for the Montreal Chinese Hospital, Montreal Children's Hospital, Leukaemia Foundation, and various senior homes, and was successful in raising substantial funds for these organizations. She was also the first guest lecturer for Yin Hua He Pan Music and Fine Arts Institute in Shanghai, China. Tanni has also created online workshops for pianists and piano teachers with over a thousand participants. She has also been selected as Top Music Teacher by Steinway & Sons.



来自中国上海。她出生在中国香港,13岁时移居加拿大蒙特利尔。曾入选2015年CBC钢琴英雄十佳钢琴家,2021评选为施坦威顶级音乐教师。2016年金色古典音乐奖一等奖,Festival-Concours de Musique De Lanaudière独奏和协奏曲类大奖得主,Crescendo国际比赛一等奖,蒙特利尔古典音乐节。


王丹妮曾被邀请在纽约卡内基音乐厅、加拿大Salle-Brunelle音乐厅、波士顿威廉姆斯音乐厅、上海东方艺术中心等地演出。她曾与加拿大Orford管弦乐团、劳纳迪尔管弦乐团合作演出,并在波士顿Muse音乐节携波士顿室内乐交响乐团与指挥大师佐藤洋平合作演出门德尔松第一协奏曲。2021年,她曾与纽约爱乐乐团的世界著名双簧管演奏家王亮合作演出。在2020年现场慈善音乐会上与美声青年演奏家合作演出。在其他音乐类型方面,她与爵士乐单簧管演奏家进行了合作,并演奏录制爵士乐-古典乐融合作品《demic suit》。她也获得了国际音乐会钢琴家和教育家的好评,包括茱莉亚钢琴系主任卡普林斯基教授、著名的韦勒斯坦家族、萨拉-戴维斯、邓泰山、本杰明-帕斯捷尔纳克。她毕业于著名的新英格兰音乐学院并同时获得高额奖学金,师从Gabriel Chodos教授和Stephan Drury教授。Tanni也是学校亚洲学生会协会组织的成员,创建了表演平台,促进了全球学生社区的密切交流,并励志倡导社会对音乐家的认识和支持。除了致力于音乐生活之外,Tanni还在塔夫茨大学学习国际贸易。



在年轻的时候,Tanni就投身于教育和慈善事业。她创立了Tanni Music Talk,这是一个为所有顶级音乐大师提供的访谈系列,致力于为世界各地的音乐家服务。邀请的教授包括刘孟捷教授、Alessio Bass教授、Victor Rosembuam教授。她与著名钢琴品牌Fazioli合作举办大师班和讲座,培养了许多有天赋的学生,Chalsea和Grace Zhang(7岁和10岁)曾在三一国际比赛中获得金与银奖。此外,她连续三年为蒙特利尔华人医院、蒙特利尔儿童医院、白血病基金会和各养老院举办义演和筹款音乐会,并成功地为这些机构筹集了大量资金。她也是中国上海音画河畔音乐艺术学院的受邀第一位客座讲师。Tanni还为钢琴家和钢琴教师创建了在线研讨会,参与者超过数千人。并被施坦威公司选为顶级音乐教师。








FPS定期举办顶级艺术家和钢琴家的大师班系列,以促进学生的高标准音乐表演。FPS音乐部在每月(每个季度)举办由各大著名音乐学院教授主讲的教学研讨会,以鼓励教学界成员讨论包括:演奏练习、规避演奏干扰和障碍、[1] 可以最大限度地发挥音乐天才学生的潜力、[2]在练习和演奏中有效使用身体、以及演奏伤害的预防等主题。

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