Summer School


FPS offers 6th-12th grade classes for credit or tutoring during the summer that include the following options: English, math, history, science, other core subjects, honors, ELD (English Language Development) and enrichment courses. You can earn credits that may transfer to your school (Please contact your school administrator).

To apply for summer school, please click here (application will open in a new tab or window).

2021 Details

1. Calendar – June 21 to July 30.

2. Duration – Full year (10 credits) classes will last 6 weeks. 1 semester (5 credits) classes will last 3 weeks (starting either on June 21 or July 12.

3. Format – Hybrid  or in classroom. You have the option of attending in person or joining remotely at the scheduled time of the class.

4. Schedule – Each class will be held Monday-Friday for a  3.5 hour period. 2 blocks are available – 8:30-12:00 and 12:30-4:00. You may take one class per block (maximum of 2 classes).

5. Classes – on the application, you may request what class(es) you would like to take. Currently, we can offer classes covering the following:

  • Core subject areas for high school – math, science, English, social studies
  • Honors – chemistry, physics, English, US history, government, economics
  • ELD – English, US history, world history, science
  • Enrichment – math, science, English, social studies

6. Classes are available to students who are beginning 6th grade through 12th grade in fall 2021.

7. Refund policy. Students who drop a class within the first week will receive a partial refund of 75% of class tuition. No refunds will be given if a student drops a class once the second week has started.

8. Transcript policy. We will automatically send one transcript at no cost to you (complimentary) to your current school once your final grade for the course has been issued. You may request to opt out of having your transcript sent when you register for the class. You will be charged $30 per transcript if you change your mind later on and request a transcript sent or if you wish to order additional copies of your transcript in addition to the complimentary transcript.

9. Fees

  • One time registration fee of $25. (add link for payment)
  • $300 tuition for a one semester class. $600 tuition for a full year class.

To apply for summer school, please click here (application will open in a new tab or window).


FPS can offer tutoring for the summer. Please contact the school if you would like to arrange tutoring in a subject, and we will go over schedule options and fees based on the number of hours of tutoring being requested.

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