Impactful Experience for Each Student

Foothill Preparatory School’s rigorous academic program was designed to develop each student intellectually, morally, and spiritually; and to prepare your child to lead and serve once they leave the safety of our campus. 

While much of the education takes place inside the walls of a classroom, we believe equally important life lessons are taught outside of class – in the hallways, over meals, in after school club interactions, and through field trips.

Opportunities beyond the classroom offer our students the chance to develop strong leadership skills, discover new passions, and forge lifelong meaningful friendships with other students through the thoughtful guidance of skilled faculty.


For a truly well-rounded education, Foothill Preparatory School schedules four field trips during the school year to:

  • Give students a chance to live out their classroom lessons in real-life.
  • Expose students to culture, history, and art that doesn’t fit into normal class time.
  • Allow students to learn by using all of their senses instead of just reading about a topic.
  • Encourage teachers to develop real-world challenges through the use of different environments.
  • Have fun!

Some recent trips have included: Presidential Libraries, Museums, whale watching boat trips, amusement parks, trips to the beach, and local aquariums.


Before the start of each school year, Foothill Preparatory sponsors an orientation session to warmly welcome new students and their parents.

This orientation includes:

  • Tour of the campus
  • Creating each student's personalized class schedule
  • Placement testing in Math and English
  • Preparations for the first day from purchasing textbooks to locker assignments
  • Review of the student handbook
  • Local points of interest, including many nearby restaurants our high school students may visit for lunch


We provide guidance and thoughtful support on each student’s quest for higher education starting with the freshman class. It’s built into our program to provide a solid foundation for personal excellence and SMART goals as early as possible.

Each fall and spring semester our freshmen, sophomores, and juniors are required to take the PSAT and pre-ACT providing both the faculty and the student with information about their level in Math and English. We use this information to create an action plan for each student’s improvement as they prepare to take college entrance exams.

The school counselor and members of the faculty meet with each student, helping them to develop a personalized college plan from the correct courses to extracurriculars to signing up for the SAT and ACT.

Each university has differing requirements and our highly-skilled faculty have the experience to effectively support each student in their individual journey.

Our caring staff assists graduating seniors with their college applications and letters of recommendation, ensuring students are set on a path to personal success.


During the school year, we celebrate many holidays like dressing up for Halloween, a traditional Thanksgiving Feast luncheon, a Christmas Dinner, and a Chinese New Year celebration.

The school observes all national holidays with longer holidays to include Thanksgiving (one week), Christmas (two weeks), and Easter (one week).

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