Guiding Students to Thrive Through Remote Learning

To ensure a safe return for our students, Foothill Preparatory School is offering remote learning options that fully engage middle school and high school students during real class time, ensuring minimal interruptions in their education.

With the same dedicated support students would receive in person, our exceptional and caring faculty strive to create a virtual environment that provides consistency when it’s needed most.

Our virtual students will receive 1:1 guidance from their teachers and are encouraged to extend their abilities, test ideas, challenge assumptions, ask for help when needed, and develop the necessary skills to be productive world citizens.

Most importantly, students can interact with their peers during actual class time in a remote setting as we strongly believe cultivating positive connections in the community are invaluable to a student’s development. We actively aim to create the same supportive culture whether a student is joining class online or offline.

Foothill Preparatory School is poised to effectively tackle the complexities that come with learning in a pandemic and will always keep the safety and well-being of our students at the core of everything we do.


Students’ Online Academic Experience

A student who enrolls in FPS’ online program may take the exact same courses they would take if they were attending FPS in person. The online high school courses (with the exception of certain ELD level courses) have been approved by the University of California Office of the President (UCOP). This approval applies to standard “a-g” courses, Honors level courses, and AP courses. Students taking these courses are prepared to succeed in their initial university programs.

FPS also can offer access to additional online courses that a student might not be able to take as a part of his or her regular schedule. The courses offered as part of FPS’ middle school program are also available to be taken online.

The online program works particularly well for the following students:

  1. Self-motivated students with strong self-discipline.
  2. Students who desire to learn at a quicker or slower pace as needed.
  3. Students who are otherwise unable to attend school on campus due to travel restrictions, health concerns, or safety concerns.
  4. Students who are looking for a more affordable means of education.

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