Cultivating a Life of Service and Success through Rigorous College Preparatory Education

Foothill Preparatory School offers an academically-rich and well-rounded college preparatory program that develops students academically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Our personalized curriculum is tailored to meet a student’s desired educational path along with the opportunity for Advanced Placement (AP) courses, providing students the freedom to push academic boundaries further.

Our intentionally small class sizes allow students to receive 1:1 attention with dedicated support from highly-skilled faculty. They also gain access to free afterschool tutoring and SAT prep courses, so each student has the tools they need to gain entrance into the most prestigious colleges and universities.

At Foothill Preparatory School we strive to create an environment where students feel comfortable asking questions and are challenged academically, creating thoughtful future leaders. No student is just a number at FPS; rather each student’s potential for excellence is seen and developed.

We are dedicated to ensuring our students achieve their goals and receive quality college-preparatory education. As students learn from the perspective of a Christian worldview, strong character is cultivated in a student’s formative years. We do not require a statement of faith to be a part of our community and warmly welcome all beliefs, backgrounds and ethnicities.

High School Academics


Foothill Preparatory School has received full accreditation status from WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges), an independent group that reviews both public and private schools and colleges to make sure the academics are in compliance with California and federal regulations.

ELD (English Language Development)

We also provide a group of ELD courses for those students who need help improving their English skills while taking classes such as English, Science, and History.

Class Sizes

Our school tries to maintain a small teacher to student class ratio. This ratio helps both our local students and international students adjust to a new system with new expectations. This ratio also permits the teacher to tailor their approach to a particular subject based on the level and personality of each class. It can also provide the teacher with more time to focus on helping individual students. This approach has served our school and students very well over the past 20+ years. For the student who needs or wants additional help with any particular subject, the school provides a study hall period in the afternoon which is monitored by the teaching staff.

UC and AP Approved

Our standard courses have been approved by the UC (University of California). Students can fulfill the entrance requirements of most universities by passing these courses.

Our AP courses have been approved by both the College Board and the University of California. Students who take AP classes and the AP exams are challenging themselves to do college level course work, and by doing so, it makes their transition from high school to college much easier. Students who received a score of 4 or higher on their AP Exams, which are held in May, could earn college credit for those courses. Some of our students have been able to earn enough course credits to enter college as a sophomore, thus reducing their college tuition by 20% or more.

Class Size

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